2016 Tesla Model S High-End Electric Sedan

2016 Tesla Model S – After four years available on the market, the 2016 Tesla Model S high-end sedan remains the highest-range electric car sold in the U.S. It’s quick, elegant, and comfortable, gets the highest security evaluations, and offers rated ranges of 200 to 294 miles joined per charge. No matter what you may think of electric cars, the Model S can be used in real world conditions with astonishingly few compromises. It stays the only electric car that is both functional as well as fun, alluring, and truly desired.

2016 Tesla Model S  specs

2016 Tesla Model S Review

The car got updated frontal styling and numerous equipment changes in April 2016, meaning that at least two different varieties of 2016 Model S coexist.

2016 Tesla Model S Redesign

The “new” 2016 Model S variations are instantly identifiable in the front. Rather compared to the polished black egg-shaped panel mimicking a grille opening, they have a flat, blunter nose with a clean, body-colored panel alleviated only by a slim horizontal opening with a small “T” emblem inside. The firm issued a flurry of other changes to available models from April through June, adding new battery sizes, enlarging drive settings, and offering a lower-priced version with a smaller battery too.

2016 Tesla Model S  release

2016 Tesla Model S Exterior

Externally, the first four months of 2016 Tesla Model S autos were identical to the version that launched in mid-2012. Afterward, in April 2016, Tesla found updated “new” 2016 Model S versions meaning not all 2016 Model S autos are alike.

The update is instantly identifiable from the front. Rather compared to the shiny-black egg-shaped panel modeling a grille opening, they have a flat, blunter nose with a clean, body-coloured panel alleviated only by a slender horizontal opening with a little “T” symbol within it. The remaining Model S remains a classic and longlived fastback shape, viewed as a sedan though it is really a five-door hatchback like the Audi A7.

2016 Tesla Model S 

The contour continues to be exceptionally honed to minimize aerodynamic drag in every way. That extends to retractable door handles that automatically extend when an owner gets close, then easily slide back into the door, flush with the bodywork, as the car moves away. The battery energy required to move a car through the atmosphere above 30 miles per hour soars with each increase in rate, when overcoming drag starts to consume more power than moving the automobile itself.

The Model S is at home in the business of the most fashionable high-end luxury sedans, ranging from Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz to more exotic entrances like the Maserati Quattroporte. Some individuals see the contour of the Jaguar XJ in it; the Jaguar’s low nose and big grille carry more toughness, but the Tesla’s rear quarters and tail are substantially better integrated.

2016 Tesla Model S  review

2016 Tesla Model S Interior

inside, and you’ll find the Model S to be a relatively unadorned space trimmed in muted colors. Leather seats are available, and the plastic surfaces that passengers are likely to touch have soft-touch surfaces. The layout is simple, clean, and edges on the ever more so now that newer insides from Mercedes-Benz, in particular, embody more sensuous curves, more abundant stuff, and a variety of trims and shades that border on fine furniture.

2016 Tesla Model S dashboard

The closest rival layout is the Volvo Sensus screen, also vertically mounted and fast to react as well but still notably smaller than the Tesla touchscreen.

Owners will get used to controlling cottage heat and cooling, audio, navigation, as well as some vehicle settings including charging behavior and suspension tuning via big icons, sliders, and swipe motions. Pictures of analog gauges additionally appear on another screen within the instrument cluster behind the steering wheel. Both displays are clear and sharp, with straightforward, brilliant graphics.

2016 Tesla Model S interior

2016 Tesla Model S  Performance

The 2016 Tesla Model S continues to function as the bar against which any other electric car is quantified. It’s trendy, quick, comfy, and likely the finest and many versatile plug-in cars in the whole world.

As of mid-2016, Model S automobiles can be ordered with battery packs of 60, 70, 75, 85, or 90-kilowatt hour capacities. Real-world ranges may be 10 to 25 percent lower, yet; both high speed and low temperatures will sap range. The 5-inch-tall battery pack sits on the cottage floor, stretching from side to side and practically from axle to axle, producing a slightly legs-outside sitting position in every seat.

2016 Tesla Model S engine

In the standard rear wheel drive Model S, it powers a 270-kW (362-hp) motor that drives the rear wheels. The ‘D’ all-wheel-drive models have smaller 193-kw (259-hp) motors powering each set of wheels. Tesla buyers can order various blends of pack size and rear- or all-wheel drive. The “P” performance package improves the rear-motor power to 375 kW (503 hp) and keeps the front motor at the same outcome.

2016 Tesla Model S  Features

While the 2016 Tesla Model S competes in cost with bigger luxurious sedans, it’s not features and alternatives that place it into that class. It’s many of the typical electronic security systems supplied by the Germans, but fewer of their comfort options massaging heated and cooled seats, by way of example.

For 2016, three battery sizes are available70, 85, and 90 kilowatt-hours although we expect the 85-kwh alternative will ultimately be replaced completely by the 90. There are various mixtures of battery size with back- or all-wheel drive (the latter denoted by “D” for a dual drive), and the two bigger packs additionally offer “P” operation alternatives that include a larger back electric motor.

2016 Tesla Model S redesign

Feature and gear comprise options like a cold weather package, a parking aid system, an Ultra-High Fidelity Sound Bundle, premium leather upholstery, superior interior lighting, fog lamps, power folding exterior mirrors, and a power sunshade inside the rear hatch. Elective wheels contain a 19-inch cyclone “turbine” wheel, in addition to the present 19-inch aerodynamic wheel (which reduces drag and thus raises highway range) and 21-inch cycle “turbine” wheel. The sunroof choice is actually a pair of back to back large glass panels, turning the roof into a dark, smoke-tinted glass surface.

The most celebrated 2016 choice, in fact, may be the Autopilot self-driving software which Tesla strains is merely in “beta” release form, but is offering for $2,500 anyway to owners of Model S cars fitted with the appropriate detector hardware (those built since late summer 2013). Other automakers are mostly aghast at Tesla using its paying customers to examine imperfect applications that aviators the auto alone at highway speeds, but that is Tesla for you. Whether it will end in tragedy or in Tesla taking a commanding lead in autonomous driving software remains to be seen.

2016 Tesla Model S Video

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