2016 Nissan GTR, New Rival In Supercar Class

2016 Nissan GTR –¬†With four seats, sub-three-second 0 to 60 miles per hour times, an advanced all-wheel-drive system, and a decent sticker price, the 2016 Nissan GT-R is in a class by itself.

2016 Nissan GTR specs

2016 Nissan GTR Review

In its base guise, Nissan’s GTR spins out a really wholesome 545 horsepower, and a course-oriented NISMO version cranks that up to 600 hp.

2016 Nissan GTR Redesign

The 2016 GT-R ranks as among the world’s top performance production cars. With a seemingly brutish character that conceals a surprising degree of capability and accessible performance, it is pretty much a group of one.

2016 Nissan GTR exterior

2016 Nissan GTR Exterior

The Nissan GT-R has an instantly identifiable shape and design, just like Corvettes, Vipers, 911s, and Veyrons.

The get r can look like a mixture of automotive thoughts, in spirit, function, and form. It is part extreme tuner car, part exotic, and it even has elements of an ordinary couple. And if you step around the NISMO, you’ll find GT3-divine aero work, which seems an even more extreme departure from an everyday couple.

2016 Nissan GTR release

In the front, the GT-R stays more of a luxury coupe wrapped in anime armor. Neither as immediately familiar as the Porsche nor as lurid as any Italian, the GTR has its finer points. We discover it attention-getting, albeit a bit too digital for some tastes.

2016 Nissan GTR Interior

The GTR’s cottage has improved much over recent years, although the fundamental layout has carried over. Thanks to all those upgrades, it’s now much more in keeping with Infiniti degrees of luxury. The dashboard and instrument panel don’t resemble anything else in the current Nissan lineup, and center-stack controls are angled toward the motorist, as you perch, rather erect, in heavily bolstered seats. The Black Edition earns kudos for its special black and red inside and Recaro seats.

2016 Nissan GT-R 45th Anniversary Gold Edition

2016 Nissan GTR Performance

The get r is one of the today’s more mad operation bargains, but how can it get there?

With 545 hp and 463 pound-feet of torque on tap, even the base form of the get r is so astonishingly fast0-60 miles per hour in 2.7 seconds that you can become bleary-eyed before you reach its ragged edges. It is not astonishing that we, and others, have got the driving experience to be a little video game-like sometimes.

The transmission and related bits live in the rear end to give the car even better weight balance than its back-one-sided setup would normally provide. The all-wheel-drive system is back-biased too, and it can change the torque rent from 100 percent to the back to 50/50 depending on speed, lateral acceleration, steering angles, tire slide, road surface, and yaw rate. The GT-R even offers adjustable suspension, transmission, and stability control settings to alleviate its stiff ride and neurological reactions when you are just tooling around for admiration.

2016 Nissan GTR

Obviously, there’s also the 600-hp, $150,000-plus GT-R NISMO the quickest GT-R ever produced, including special racing-inspired aerodynamic pieces, carbon fiber lower aero work, a carbon fiber trunk lid, and Recaro seats, plus a specially bonded body for increased rigidity and, of course, a specially tuned suspension. In all, it builds on a few of these foundation-level GT-R changes, but it is a mother lode of things gleaned from GT3 racing, all properly integrated and prepared for the road or trail.

2016 Nissan GTR Attributes

The get r isn’t the deal it used to be. The cost has shot up by more than $30,000 over the years and now surpasses six figures. However, Nissan has additionally added equipment, improved interior quality, and always improved power and performance to warrant the price rises.

2016 Nissan GTR review

The Black Edition wears lightweight 20-inch six-spoke RAYS wheels with a black finish; a carbon fiber spoiler; red-and-black Recaro seats, and red and black interior trimming.

The NISMO gets Alcantara inserts and a red center mark on the steering wheel; particular suspension tuning with reduced weight and additional spin stiffness; and an aero kit with a carbon-fiber trunk and back spoiler, carbon-fiber front, and back bumpers, and a carbon fiber front undercover.

2016 Nissan GTR engine

2016 Nissan GTR Video

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