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2017 Lincoln MKZ – Lincoln has always been Ford’ s high-end brand, but some feel Lincoln just doesn’t compete when piled against other luxury brands like Lexus and Mercedes. Despite the release of the MK series, Lincoln couldn’t get the following it really desired. Nevertheless, Lincoln felt it was crucial to redesign it for the 2017 model year with styling and some new features.

2017 Lincoln MKZ redesign

2017 Lincoln MKZ Review

The 2017 MKZ, a 5-seat high-end midsize sedan, comes in four trims: the foundation Premier, Select, Reserve, and Black Label. A hybrid variant of each trim is also accessible. Front-wheel drive (FWD) comes standard, all-wheel drive (AWD) optional, but keep in mind the hybrid is exclusively accessible with FWD.

2017 Lincoln MKZ Redesign

Decidedly passenger-friendly, the forthcoming year’s MKZ offers 15.4 cubic feet of trunk space in the standard version, while the hybrid, with its bulky rear-mounted battery pack, offers 11.1 cubic feet.

2017 Lincoln MKZ review

2017 Lincoln MKZ Exterior

Look for the 2017 MKZ to sport a fresh dark finish grille design, a glossier hood, and upgraded adaptive LED headlights. Inside, anticipate new carbon fiber accents and an overdue redesigned center stack, with buttons and knobs replacing those old, ill-advised sliding selectors for audio and climate control. The 2017 MKZ may also be equipped with an optional 20-loudspeaker Revel Ultima premium stereo system and new multi-contour front seats. A pair of added MKZ Black Label themes, Vineyard and Chalet, are new for 2017, joining Modern Heritage, Oasis, the present Indulgence, and Center Stage varieties.

2017 Lincoln MKZ price

Up front, the MKZ can be fitted with adaptive LED headlights, while the fog lights are replaced with LED lights that were more slender. The corner vents below the lights are made a bit taller. The most noticeable difference is the single-bit front grille, along with chrome accenting around the fog lights and atmosphere ports that are lower. The hood carries the same design as the theory model, but the outside body lines make it look like the hood is a little taller and more aggressive.

The side of the MKZ is basically unchanged from the 2013 theory model. It has that lower body line that runs between the front and rear wheels on the underparts of the doors. Side markers and the mirrors seem the same. The MKZ can additionally be equipped with an optional retractable panoramic glass roof.

2017 Lincoln MKZ exterior

To the back, the car seems almost identical to the theory as well. It has the LED bar that runs along the deck lid between the lights, and the little LED taillights.

2017 Lincoln MKZ Engine

The MKZ functions as the host for a brand new twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V-6 that is, at least for now, exclusive to the Lincoln brand. Front wheel drives V-6 versions will be limited to 350 hp while still producing the total quantity of torque. We expect this engine to proliferate throughout the Lincoln range — an engine with the same basic specs hypothetically powered the Continental theory —but executives wouldn’t guarantee that it’ll never appear in a Ford. Then again, is it Lincoln’s fault if, say, the Mustang team cooks up something evil with this double-turbo V 6?

2017 Lincoln MKZ cabin

While the 3.0-liter V-6 replaces the outgoing MKZ’s generally aspirated 3.7-liter V6, lesser MKZs soldier on with carryover engines. Lincoln executives wouldn’t support whether they will continue to sell the base engine and the hybrid vehicle with the same starting price for the 2017 model, but they proudly noted that strategy has elevated the hybrid to 30 percent of all MKZ sales while poaching customers from import brands.

Interestingly, Lincoln is backing away from the EcoBoost name both in the badging on the car and in its advertising. The turbocharged gas engines will instead be branded as 3.0T and 2.0T on the trunk lid. Marketing execs say they’re because luxury buyers aren’t interested in any “Eco” facet of these engines making the change, but we suppose the actual intention would be to obfuscate the link between Lincoln autos and Ford engines.

2017 Lincoln MKZ

2017 Lincoln MKZ Price

There are a number of add-on packages available, with the cheapest being the Climate Bundle at $695. You could also go for the Technology Package for $2,395, the Driver’s Bundle for $3,395, the High-End Package for $4,400, or Bundle Plus the Select for $1,255. For those interested in quality audio, the Revel Audio system with 14 speakers and HD radio can be had for $1,180. As you can see the new MKZ actually starts out a bit cheaper than the 2016 version, but could climb well into $50,000 territory if you go for one of the upper trim levels and start marking off choice boxes.

2017 Lincoln MKZ specs

2017 Lincoln MKZ Video

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