2016 Honda S660 Concept Review

2016 Honda S660 will probably be released by Honda Motor Company so that you can participate in the large competition for K-car segment. It means how the car will probably be categorized to be a light car as small vehicles including small pickups and microvans. This car may have some strong rivals together with the high-quality design. For the reasoning behind 2016 S660, the organization has presented it in 2013 at Tokyo Motor Show depending on the model of Honda Beat.

2016 Honda S660 review

2016 Honda S660 Concept

We should admit that this concept of 2016 Honda S660 seemingly different amongst others. It is unusual and incredibly unique. There is no other car that’s the similar design which is. The design is fairly futuristic that is very possible to win absolutely free themes. The latest rumors stated that this new car features a bit similarity from the term of concept with Acura NSX. As a two-seater model, it truly is completed with sporty body line as well as the bodywork is really attractive. The technology features are created in advanced.

2016 Honda S660 specs

In addition, this car is going to be the first roadster which is available from Honda. This concept can be named as 2016 Honda Beat S660 and there are going to be some interesting comparisons expected when the organization starts producing 2016 Honda S660.

2016 Honda S660 side view

2016 Honda S660 Engine

It is one thing normal if your expectation about 2016 Honda S660 complements attractive design as well as the driving performance really should be at least aggressive. There can be a big expectation which the company offers it with great speed and output. From the published concept, it can be mentioned which the car use a three-cylinder engine. The turbocharged engine has the ability to produce the output in excess of 64 horsepower. Well, and we don’t know whether this output is simply a trick or otherwise not to give something surprising later when it can be available. Other rumors also mentioned that this engine may be possible to be coupled with electromotor for a hybrid variant. Everything is achievable and now it really is still a huge mystery.

2016 Honda S660 redesign

2016 Honda S660 Price and Release Date

For its refreshments, it truly is expected the exact release date for 2016 Honda S660 will likely be the available buy. The competition could make the car contains the starting price that ought to be about $17k. Perhaps, the cost will probably be more since now we simply have some available information but perhaps the business offers something great beyond our prediction.

2016 Honda S660 release date

2016 Honda S660 Video

here a video about this car, check this out:

2016 Honda S660 Photos

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