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2017 Dodge Magnum – Back in 2004, Dodge has produced sport wagon based on Chrysler 300 platform, called Magnum. It was a unique car combined practicality and strong V8 engine. Analytics maintained that for now on Fiat Chrysler is the lack of station wagons inversion line, especially in the North American market. The most noticeable recipe to saturate the marketplace bring Magnum brand back. Nevertheless, all accessible information now is on speculations and rumors level, so it might be accurate or not.

2017 Dodge Magnum price

It is reported that brand new 2017 Magnum will have enlarged body, when compared with the predecessor, especially the luggage compartment.

2017 Dodge Magnum Review

Keep in mind when long roofs were still popular in the U. S. of A.? Well, there aren’t great deals of them presently readily accessible to buy brand new because of the fact that station wagon clients took a setting to crossovers and truck-based SUVs. Among the most missed out on wagons is available in the sort of the Dodge Magnum, a design that bit the dust back in 2008. If it were still in creation, just what would the Magnum seem like nowadays?

2017 Dodge Magnum

2017 Dodge Magnum Redesign

Substitution of this new sort will include exterior and interior design and engine specifications. teeth will naturally turn of the new addition to completing the exterior. In terms of the interior will be equipped with several features new technology. Dash and seats will get a touch of new and better added. Beyond that, the aspects will be boosted with the additional good quality material. inside the cabin is going to have the spacious room. Length 2017 Dodge Magnum will be five meters, so it can be used for luggage compartment space is fairly substantial. Fundamental types of these vehicles will be equipped with 18-inch rim with a new design. The cottages will be clad with skin. There will be a strong stereo to supply more suitable. Despite that, in 2017 Magnum will have security systems for example ABS, system stability, anti-slip, roasted emergency booster, in addition to side airbags.

2017 Dodge Magnum redesign

2017 Dodge Magnum Exterior

If Dodge goes with the front wheel drive platform, then it means that a high-performance Hellcat version is out of the question. Nonetheless, this is not to say that the upcoming Magnum has to be slow. Actually, we expect just turbocharged engines for this generation of autos. These should enable the US brand to compete easily with the likes of BMW and Mercedes, at least in the performance section, without too many problems. The only front wheel drive model is expected to receive a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline four offering around 220 horsepower and 240 lb-feet of torque.

2017 Dodge Magnum review

2017 Dodge Magnum Engine

The all-wheel drive models, on the other hand, are all expected to get a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6. This wouldn’t be the same as the 2.9-liter Ferrari in the Alfa, don’t hope to see 500 hp in new Magnum. Instead, it would be a bespoke engine good for anything between 300 and 450 hp, more than enough to allow an all-wheel drive Magnum to get to 60 MPH in less than 5 seconds and to display great performances.

2017 Dodge Magnum specs

2017 Dodge Magnum Price

The hottest 2017 Dodge Magnum has always been a fantasy for the hardest core fans as they have anticipated a long time for the brand to return and get an upgrade. After some years of speculations that proof is nearly there. The exact release date is stilling missing but it is at our grabs as the vehicle may come out by the middle of next year. The price is going to begin at $22.000 for the base trim but we do not understand how much will it be for the higher trims.

2017 Dodge Magnum interior

2017 Dodge Magnum Video

here a video about this car, check this out:

2017 Dodge Magnum Gallery

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