2016 Chevy Colorado Price And Release Date

2016 Chevy Colorado – The 2016 Chevy Colorado is the response for motorists who don’t quite want a full-size truck. Now it towers over them, not in terms of size, but when it comes to modern design. Brand new along with its GMC Canyon twin, the Colorado just outclasses the Tacoma and Frontier on various fronts, whether it is packaging and interior space, apt new connectivity and bed features, V-6 gas mileage, or simple things like driving location.

2016 Chevrolet Colorado 2.8L Duramax Turbo Diesel

2016 Chevy Colorado Review

Midsize trucks efficiently replaced compact trucks about 15 years ago, when the Dakota, the Tacoma, and the Frontier all were nudged up in size and assignment. Streamlined trucks like the Chevy Colorado were left behind until now.

2016 Chevy Colorado

2016 Chevy Colorado Redesign

At the exact same time, it’s a genuine rival for full-size truck buyers in its top variations, punching way above its category with full size towing and hauling capacity, not to mention horsepower, also.

2016 Chevy Colorado Exterior

The Colorado stretches and pulls the conventional truck shape in some interesting ways. Ultimately, we think its twin, the GMC Canyon, has a contour that resonates more with buyers and reads more “truck,” but the Colorado’s international styling clues don’t get in the way of what’s essentially a good looking vehicle.

The Colorado isn’t any Silverado twin. While that full-size truck (and its SUV cousins, the Tahoe and Suburban) have been transformed with some relentlessly rectilinear lines, the Colorado embraces a smaller, more slender grille and growing shoulder line that dampens the usual pickup silhouette. Yes, the fenders are a boxy counterpoint to some degree, there’s no way to make a truck without making it look like a truck but those few hints of difference show the Colorado’s international origins, and how it could wind up just as popular in San Diego as in San Salvador or Sumatra.

2016 Chevy Colorado redesign

2016 Chevy Colorado Interior

Inside the Colorado, there’s a considerably closer kinship with the Silverado. It’s hardly using an upscale finish and better finishes than you will find in any Tacoma or Frontier. There is a beefy steering wheel with bunches of control buttons, a shield-shaped dashboard wearing the main controls and an LCD display, and a shifter mounted on a rather wide console that carves the cabin down the center (at least in front). It is truck-ish enough, but there is significantly more than a passing likeness to the latest General Motors sedans in the bolstering of the seats, the junction of trim on the doors and dash, as well as in the soft-touch, aluminum-look trim itself.

2016 Chevy Colorado interior

2016 Chevy Colorado Performance

A 2.8-liter turbodiesel inline 4 is the new star of the lineup for 2016. Yet, until you’re often working out most of the Colorado’s available payload capacity and towing capability, the 4-cylinder gasoline engine option will probably be worth a look. Historically, GM’s small-scale trucks have doubled as market conveyances, and there is every reason to believe this Colorado will be used that method, also.

The 4-cylinder gasoline engine runs out of energy getting up to a lot more than legal highway speeds, but with 200 horsepower and 191 pound-feet of torque on tap, it is good for the kind of medium-rate urban duty that’s the state of contractors and commuters alike.

2016 Chevrolet Colorado 2.8L Duramax Turbo Diesel

If you’re equally into manual transmissions, you’ve driven into the 4-cylinder anyway but GM’s 6-speed automatic makes the most of the four’s moderate output. It helps the inline-4 wring out satisfactory acceleration and excellent fuel economy, working unobtrusively with the easy four to produce up to 22 mpg on the EPA joined cycle. It’s not the economy leader in the Chevy lineup and competing for fours from Toyota and Nissan match its joined ratings but it’s a far better fit for the type of driving and infrequent hauling that a lot of truck buyers do, whether they recognize it or not.

2016 Chevy Colorado Features

Transferring up to the Colorado LT and Z71 adds features like remote beginning; a sliding rear window; heated front seats; a simple lowering tailgate; and steering-wheel audio controls. MyLink now contains Apple CarPlay functionality, which lets the touchscreen do double duty as a mirrored screen for some iPhone programs, from mobile and messaging utilities to music and mapping software.

2016 Chevy Colorado release

Navigation can also be an option on the Colorado, as is GM’s OnStar service and 4G LTE connectivity, with some service provided for free during a trial period.

On the accessory front, the Colorado’s bed comes with the locking tailgate and bed lighting, and stamped-in detents for two-tier loading. The Colorado has 13 configurable and four stationary load tie downs in the bed; a factory sprayed-in bed liner can be obtained, as are dozens of accessory systems for loading everything from sport bikes to construction materials, depending on the truck’s daily duty.

2016 Chevy Colorado specs

2016 Chevy Colorado Video

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