2017 Audi R8 Performance Revealed For You

2017 Audi R8 – The R8 is a pretty new car but it has already amassed a rich history of its own. Audi used to rush its prototype at the 24 Hours of Le Mans from 2000, before taking it into production. Astonishingly, it would carry on to put a good show for several years and won in its first attempt.

2017 Audi R8 grill

2017 Audi R8 Review

In 2008, the automaker debuted the production version showing they could also make a fashionable mid-engine that looked and performed like a supercar that was regular. The vehicle had started to appear somewhat rusty therefore the need for a second generation. The new vehicle will be predicated on the Modular Sportscar System (MMS) platform that the Lamborghini’s Huracan is, in addition, based on.

2017 Audi R8 redesign

2017 Audi R8 Exterior

The R8’s appearances that are new are an evolution of the stunning first-generation version. It has the low-slung stance of a supercar, with the coupe body sloping back in a continuous arch and the cab pushed. Audi has put a greater emphasis on horizontal lines, making the auto 1.6 inches wider, and giving the sides broader shoulders. Those shoulders now interrupt the recognizable side blades, making this design flourishes two bits each instead of one. The grille is also broader and flatter, and its trapezoidal shape creates an all-natural flow into the wedge-shaped LED headlights.

2017 Audi R8 front view

A mainly aluminum spaceframe, MSS also uses carbon fiber to supply additional rigidity to a tunnel that is central and the firewall. The construction is not around 70 pounds heavier than that of the R8 that is outgoing, contributing to an overall weight lack of around 110 pounds.

2017 Audi R8 Engine

Audi will offer the new R8 in just one drivetrain tweaked to make two levels of output. The automaker has done away with the 4.2 L, V8 engine on the outgoing version.

2017 Audi R8 (1)

The new models are only going to feature a 5.2 L, V10 engine. On the base V10 models, the engine will generate 540 hp and 398 lb-feet of torque while on the V10 Plus versions, it’ll make 610 hp and 413 lb-feet of torque.

According though no official EPA standings have been released as of this writing to the automaker, the fuel economy improves by 13%. This increase in fuel economy is attributed to the inclusion of a cylinder deactivation attribute that does away with engine braking at low rates.

The engine is paired having an S Tronic transmission system. The V10 bolts from 0-60 miles per hour in 3.5 seconds while the V10 Plus makes the same run in just 3.1 seconds.

2017 Audi R8 release date

2017 Audi R8 Price

The sub-$120,000 base price for the V8 version. The imposing attractiveness of its design that is classic. The first R8 earned its place in automotive history, but this second-generation car is nearly as significant as a marker in the evolution of the species. Its naturally aspirated V10 becomes more special and even rarer the longer it hangs around.

2017 Audi R8 rear view

2017 Audi R8 Video

here a video about this car, check this out:

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